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Increasing Popularity of the Campervan

Increasing Popularity of the Campervan

Campervans have been around for some time, but their popularity is spiking. The campervan industry is happy about this rise in popularity but only partially.

Some folks interested in campervans aren’t buying them but opting to convert old vans into campervans. There are several reasons this is happening, and they’re all pretty interesting to dive into.

COVID-19 and the Campervan

COVID-19 has affected the industry in a lot of ways. First responders and essential workers who were at a high risk of getting the virus used campervans to protect their families.

People would stay in the garage or in a campervan outside their homes to protect others. If people didn’t have a campervan, they went out to purchase one. It wasn’t a great solution, but it was a solution. Campervans can have everything you need to live, from kitchens to restrooms depending on the type of campervan.

Folks who had to travel for work also began to use campervans so that they didn’t have to stay in hotels. The circulated air in hotels was dangerous.

The campervan helped save lives. Some people even donated campervans to first responders to help in their time of need. People will remember the campervan along with other similar vehicles after the pandemic is finally over.

Remote Work is Increasing

The internet has changed so much; it created a new kind of worker: the remote worker. This person can work from home because he or she only needs access to the internet, thanks to things like cloud technology. Remote work was rising in popularity, and this was before the pandemic.

When the pandemic shattered the way people live, it ended up accelerating the remote work trend as more people had to work this way. As more people got used to remote working, folks began to realize that all they need is a computer and their smart devices.

This means they can virtually be anywhere and still get paid. There was no need to stay in a crowded city where everything is expensive. This realization drove some people to campervans. It’s also creating a new wave of folks who live and work in their campervans by choice.

People are visiting smaller towns and cities throughout the United States, even if they work for a company across the country. People don’t even have to worry about finding a hotel or an apartment immediately after moving to an area. They could wait a bit to see if they like it and move on if they don’t, thanks to remote working and campervans.

Housing Costs

Housing is another reason campervans are rising in popularity. This one is a multi-faceted subject to discuss. For one, housing costs have been rising for a long time in big cities in the United States.

Rent control doesn’t exist anymore, not in an effective way, so a lot of people are paying a ridiculous amount of money for rent. Most economists say that a person should only have to give up 30 percent of their monthly income to rent. That idea is long gone. Most people are giving up much more than that, and there’s no way out.

The cost of living simply keeps rising and rent is part of that. Some of the people who work the hardest in this country can’t make enough to pay their expenses. The minimum wage hasn’t increased in a long time, and that’s just part of the problem.

When this happens, some people move back in with their parents, while others move into their cars. At some point, a few of these folks decided to make living in their cars a little more efficient, which is how campervans became an option.

This is affecting people who are trying to buy a house, too. Houses have risen so much that it’s hard to become a homeowner. Many young folks come out of college riddled with so much debt it’s impossible for them to qualify to become homeowners, so some resort to living in a campervan.

Keep in mind that a lot of people lost their homes and apartments because of the pandemic. Yes, congress took some action, but it wasn’t nearly enough. Some of these folks, the lucky ones, were able to get a campervan. This isn’t the easiest pill to swallow, but a lot of people are suffering because of the housing crisis in the US.

Desire to Travel

A new trend is rising in America, and that’s the desire to travel and move. This desire has fueled the campervan’s rise in popularity as well as some of the other factors mentioned here. Sometimes, the desire to travel involves remote workers but not all the time.

The internet connects the world, and people are being exposed to more areas of the United States. They’re finding out about little towns and cities throughout America, which is propelling travel.

COVID-19 is also making people feel the need to travel. Not a lot of people want to travel on a plane or a bus. This is simply because they don’t want to be around many people. A lot of these folks are turning to solo travel or family travel using things like campervans.

They want to travel to check out sites, but they want to do it safely. They want to go camping because they know they won’t see crowds, and even if they do see people, they’ll be able to socially distance themselves since parks aren’t usually too crowded. A campervan makes it easy to travel as a family in one vehicle, which is part of the reason travel is another factor worth exploring.

These are some reasons why campervans are suddenly rising in popularity. All of these reasons are not pleasant. They highlight something else that needs to be addressed in this country, but the fact of the matter is that these factors are changing people’s relationship to the campervan.

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