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Most Expensive Motorhomes Sold in History

Most Expensive Motorhomes Sold in History

RVs are extremely accommodating when you want to travel across the country or become a snowbird during the winter season. As motorhomes continue to evolve, they now feature plenty of upscale features to ensure you feel pampered and have everything you need on the open road. If you’re interested in learning how advanced motorhomes have become, there are a few models that are the most expensive motorhomes sold in history.

Newmar King Aire

The Newmar King Aire motorhome has a price tag of $1 million dollars and is fully loaded with the most in-demand features in the industry. The interior setting allows customers to choose four different color schemes with an advanced entertainment system that is wired throughout the cabin. The cozy furnishings make the setting feel like a residential property and allows it to look inviting.

There’s even a tablet at the front of the motorhome where you can control different parts of the RV and view the different compartments of the vehicle. Drivers get plenty of power under the hood with a Cummins diesel engine, which generates 605 horsepower and allows the vehicle to have more than enough acceleration for getting around, despite its weight and size. The bedroom layout is also comfortable and will make you forget you’re traveling in a motorhome due to its spacious size.

EleMMent Palazzo

With a price tag of $3.1 million, the EleMMent Palazzo is the most expensive motorhome in the world. It stands out for its futuristic exterior design and features a lounge on the inside. The main focal point on the outside of the motorhome is the circular windshield, which sits high and allows the driver to have an expansive view of the road ahead.

You’ll find plenty of marble, polished, and hardwood materials throughout the setting, making it feel like you’re spending time in a five-star resort. A sky lounge is present in the rear of the motorhome, which features a luxurious fireplace where you can sit by the fire and stay warm on cold days or nights. The RV even comes equipped with a 510-horsepower engine, which can get to 93 miles per hour.

This motorhome also stands out for its massive size and is 45 feet long. Owners of this motorhome also favor the rainfall shower in the bathroom with gold accents and sleek fixtures. One of the main highlights of the RV is the expandable roof deck, which is great for hosting parties and enjoying the surrounding views.

It’s built with a king-size bed that features a tufted headboard with intricate wooden details. The bedroom also has a large vanity on display with a lot of storage space to make it easy to get ready each day. The modern kitchenette features a freezer, refrigerator, sink, oven, stovetop, and an ice maker.

The lounge area is a great place to entertain and comes complete with a 40-inch TV and a sectional sofa. Residents can also enjoy different beverages because it also has a coffee machine and a wine cabinet.

Vantare Platinum Plus

This decadent motorhome features high-quality materials on every surface with Italian leather on the seats and Inca marble on the countertops. It even features seude, Sapele, and hand-made glass materials through the cabin to create a comfortable and upscale environment. The price tag is slightly more affordable than the EleMMent Palazzo and comes with a price tag of $2.5 million.

When it comes to sleeping arrangements, the motorhome features the option of relaxing on a king-sized bed or an Italian sofa for a soft and supportive place to rest your head. Perhaps one of the most impressive features about this high-end motorhome is the ability to store a sports car in the belly of the vehicle, which means you don’t have to tow your vehicle while traveling to different destinations. This also allows it to remain protected from the elements in a safe spot.

The motorhome even features an office where to stay productive while on the road and have access to a desk. A built-in treadmill is also available to stay physically active and fit without having to head outdoors.

Some of the most expensive motorhomes sold in history have all the bells and whistles travelers desire to ensure they are enjoyable to spend time in and can elevate any type of camping or traveling experience. They have a variety of unique and high-end features to create stunning settings for those who want to spend more time exploring.

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