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Pop-top Caravans vs. Hard Top Caravans

Pop-top Caravans vs. Hard Top Caravans

If you are in the market for a caravan, chances are you have come across a decision that you need to make. Should you purchase a pop-top caravan or a hard top caravan? There are benefits to both, and they both have a few downsides. Knowing all about them can help you to determine which type of caravan you should get.

The Main Difference Between the Pop Top Caravan and the Hard Top Caravan

The main difference between the pop-top caravan and the hard top caravan is the roof. Pop-top caravans will have a roof that lifts up. This lifts up to allow more headroom inside. Pop tops come in several different designs, with some being made out of fabric, while some are rigid. Pop-top caravan designs are not as popular as they once were, but they are still around for those that like them.

The Advantages of a Pop Top Caravan

Here are the advantages that a pop-top caravan has over a hard top:

• Wind resistance. When you are towing a pop-top caravan, you will deal with less wind resistance. This is due to the low roof height.
• Fuel consumption. Fuel consumption is considerably less due to the fact that the caravan is smaller and does not have a high roof height.
• Spacious. If you purchase a pop-top caravan that has the sides created out of fabric, it can give the caravan a more spacious feel.
• Easy storage. Due to not having a tall roof, the caravan can be stored easily in your garage or carport.
• Easy resale. If you have kept your caravan up, you will not have much trouble selling them, and you will get a fair price for them as they do not depreciate like a conventional caravan.

Disadvantages of a Pop Top Caravan

Here are some of the disadvantages of a pop-top caravan:

• Expense. They can be more expensive than a hard top caravan. Shopping around may help you save money if you decide on purchasing a pop-top caravan.
• Headroom. Even with the roof fully extended, there still may not be enough headroom.
• Weather. Pop tops, especially ones that have the fabric sides, may not be good in the weather. They may let wind and water into the camper portion.
• Hard to Heat. A pop-top may be hard to heat if you are camping during the cooler months.

Advantages of a Hard Top Caravan

Here are a few of the advantages to purchasing a hard top caravan:

• Expense. You can find a hard top caravan for affordable prices.
• Size. This type of caravan can come in multiple sizes, which will easily accommodate your family.
• Easy to heat and cool. A hard top caravan is easy to heat and cool.
• Maximum headroom. A hard top caravan will have the maximum headroom that you need.
• Weather safe. A hard top caravan is going to keep you safe in weather like a storm.

Disadvantages to a Hard Top Caravan

There are a few disadvantages to a hard top caravan, and they include:

• Height. If you plan to go to an off-road campsite, your caravan may be too tall with the hard top.
• Expenses. A hard top caravan can be harder to heat and cool because you will not be able to use natural elements like a pop-up camper can. With a pop-up camper, the breeze can flow through the fabric. Insurance may be higher on hard top caravans as well.
• Parking. A hard top caravan may be harder to park. You will more than likely not be able to park in parking garages because of the height.

Now that you know the disadvantages of owning both and the advantages, you can work on making your decision. While making your decision take the following into consideration:

• Size. You will want to make sure that any caravan you purchase will fit your family. Buying a caravan that is too small is just going to make everyone miserable during your camping trip.
• Budget. Take into consideration how much you want to spend on a caravan. Be sure to shop around so that you can find the best price that works well within your budget.
• Travel. Knowing where you are going to be traveling frequently will help you to make the decision between a pop-up caravan or hard top caravan.

Taking your time to choose the right caravan for you and your family is important to ensure that you enjoy your purchase. If you are still unsure, you could always rent a caravan to make sure it is the right fit for you.

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