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Top 10 Informative RV Youtube Channels

Top 10 Informative RV Youtube Channels

The RV life isn’t a normal life. There are obstacles to deal with, which makes it vital to connect with other RVers. Sure, you can do this while traveling, but that’s not always possible.

The good thing is the web allows people to connect with others through platforms like YouTube. The following are 10 informative and fun RV YouTube Channels you should consider subscribing to.

RV Love

RV Love is one of the most popular channels out there. It’s run by two dynamic and interesting people, a guy named Marc and his wife Julie Bennett. Part of what makes this couple so interesting is they are an open book.

They talk about what it’s like to live in an RV. This is something the two have been doing since 2014 when they first got on the road, and they haven’t looked back. The couple talk about how they sold their home in Colorado and bought an RV. They’ve traveled to all 50 states and share everything with their viewers, from tips to how they’ve upgraded their RV.

2. RV Lifestyle

RV Lifestyle is another channel to subscribe to if you want to be in the know. On this channel, you’ll meet Mike and Jennifer Wendland, and you’ll get to learn about their lives. The two travel all over the place and love talking about their experiences.

They’ve been living the life for a while now and even have a dog, so they have tips for pet owners. The two also talk about helpful gadgets to make your life easier. The two are aficionados of the RV life; they’ve gone on RV shows to see what’s new and share it with viewers.

3. RV Geeks

RV Geeks is a great channel to subscribe to if you want to learn more about RV repairs and get resources to help you live your RV life. The channel is well known, and it does have a lot of subscribers because they offer value.

The people who run the channel love to talk about maintenance, too, because they know the best way to avoid costly repairs is to maintain your RV. You may catch these folks on a television series, which helps them talk to more people about living in an RV and how to get it right.

4. Changing Lanes

Changing Lanes is another popular channel. It has been up since 2017, and it has taken off since then. These RVers are in it for the long haul. It’s run by Chad and Tara who have been living this life for a while and have a lot of stories and knowledge they’re happy to share.

They travel in a large motorhome that allows them to talk about the issues a big rig might have. The two love to talk about some of the best routes to take as an RVer. They tell you about scenic routes, and they tell you where RVers get the warmest reception. This is a channel worth spending some time on.

5. Mortons on the Move

Tom and Cait Morton run this channel. The Mortons on the Move channel has captured the imaginations of many people who are interested in the mobile life. This channel has been active since 2015, and they talk about all sorts of things, like RV solar power and how that works.

Everyone knows that people are interested in using solar power instead of regular power as it can help the environment. Tom and Cait dedicate time to that along with RV tips and maintenance. The two even talk about upgrades you could make to your motorhome. There’s a lot to learn from this channel, so don’t hesitate to give them a try.

6. You Me & the RV

The name should be enough to get you curious. This is a fun channel and an informative one. Phil and Stacey Farley have earned their audience by providing valuable information for all sorts of stuff like campground reviews if you’re thinking of going to campgrounds throughout the country along with maintenance information.

These two are pretty informed about life in general. They are veterans who’ve turned their knowledge of the world into a real asset as they live a full-time RV life. The two are popular online; some people would consider them celebrities.

7. Keep Your Daydream

Over 20 million people have watched their videos. That’s a lot of eyeballs on you, and there’s a good reason for it. Keep Your Daydream is one of the most reliable channels out there. The two who run this put up a video every Sunday; it’s something their audience has come to expect from Marc and Tricia.

They love to talk about their travels, how RV life helps them explore the United States, and how to plan things out so that everything runs smoothly. The couple also gives tips to make your life easier, especially if you’re trying to adjust to this new life.

8. Drivin and Vibin

Drivin and Vibin is another incredibly popular and informative RV channel. The couple behind this successful channel is Kyle and Olivia. Part of what makes them special is they love to talk about living more economically. They love to talk about boondocking and finding free places to stay.

If they aren’t talking about free places to stay, they talk about cheap places to crash. Any RVer knows that prices can get a little high when you’re looking for a place to park your RV. If you want to get into this lifestyle without spending much, then this is definitely a channel for you.

9. Getaway Couple

Jason and Rae are behind the Getaway Couple channel, and they’re quite delightful. They love to talk about their latest adventure, and you’ll love to hear about them. Their storytelling skills are a big part of their rise to fame.

Another thing that makes them special is that they don’t shy away from the frustrations some RVers face, especially as full-time RVers. They love to talk about the bad. If you know about the potential pitfalls, you’ll be better prepared to deal with them or avoid them altogether.

10. Enjoy the Journey

Tom and Cheri Kenemore’s channel is another one you need to check out. Enjoy the Journey has a lot of great topics on the channel because the couple behind it know their stuff.

One thing that makes this channel special is Cheri herself. She loves to offer videos for women. There are a lot of things a woman has to deal with that a man doesn’t. This something Cheri knows, and she talks about her struggles as well as her solutions.

Now, you have several informative YouTube Channels to subscribe to. You don’t need all of them, of course, but you should check them out and subscribe to the ones you like to make your RV lifestyle work.

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