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Top 5 Pop-up Caravans of 2021

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  • February 13, 2021
Top 5 Pop-up Caravans of 2021

Pop-up caravans offer a high level of convenience when you want to have more freedom with where you sleep while exploring different destinations. The type of caravan you use will determine how comfortable you feel and how easy it is to set up once you reach the campsite. If you’re ready to purchase a new pop-up camper for upcoming excursions, there are a few options to consider because of their high ratings.

1. 2021 Forest River RV Rockwood Roo 233S

This pop-up camper has an unloaded weight of 5,063 pounds and is 24 feet long. This model is a great option for larger families because it comes with three queen-size tent beds with a fill-up sofa, providing more than enough space to lounge and sleep. A 17-foot awning on the outside of the caravan also offers a high level of convenience and provides a lot of shade during the warmer seasons.

A variety of color options are also available with this caravan, along with a skylight for more natural light inside. A large exterior storage space, Bluetooth, and a multi-zone stereo are also provided.

2. Aliner Expedition

This A-frame pop-up caravan packs flat to make it easy to transport and take on the go. Inside, the eight-foot ceiling makes it feel spacious and doesn’t cause you to hunch over to get around. Pop-ups along the roofline also offer extra room overhead when sitting up in bed. 10 different versions of the Aliner are available to choose from to ensure you can be more selective with the layout and different features you want to be included.

It also weighs less than 2,000 pounds and comes with a queen bed and a dinette. Steps also extend out from the door to make it easier to get in and out of the caravan with ease for added safety.

3. 2021 Forest River Flagstaff MacHD Series 176LTD

This stylish pop-up caravan is ideal for smaller vehicles to tow and only weighs 1,465 pounds. Inside, you’ll find two beds, two sets of cabinets, a two-burner cooktop, a sink, and a small refrigerator to ensure you have everything you need within reach. The outside of the caravan features a seven-foot awning with a two-burner range to ensure you can prep and cook meals outside.

The floor in this caravan even features faux wood materials, creating a modern and stylish look. Faux leather upholstery is also present on the seats, creating an upscale interior setting that feels regal and comfortable.

4. OPUS Off-Road Camper

The OPUS Off-Road Camper is easy to set up in minutes with minimal effort required. A tented living space is created with the triple-layer airbags at the top. The caravan is unique because it comes with off-road-ready tires. Independent coil suspension also contributes to how easily this pop-up camper moves along while traveling in the great outdoors.

A variety of sizes are available with the OPUS, along with a shower room extension and a pull-out kitchen. It even comes with two spare tires to ensure you can continue to reach your destination if get a flat tire.

5. 2021 Forest River RV Rockwood Hard Side High Wall Series A213HW

A lot of advanced features and gadgets are present in this pop-up camper to ensure you can stay connected to the internet. The caravan comes with a Wi-Fi Ranger Wi-Fi Booster SKY 4 and multiple USB ports to ensure you can work in remote areas while you’re away from the office. Privacy curtains, LED ceiling lights, and faux wood flooring contribute to the attractive and comfortable interior setting.

The caravan weighs 2,559 pounds and is 23-feet 11-inches long, making it more spacious than other models. Consumers also appreciate the built-in Port-A-Potty to make it easier to use the restroom without heading outdoors, especially in harsh weather conditions. When you want to cook food, a two-burner cooktop is available if you want to prep meals inside the caravan. If you prefer to cook outdoors, you can utilize a gas grill or microwave oven. A 33 x 64 dinette is available to ensure there’s more than enough space to stretch out while dining.

You have more than enough options available when it comes to finding the best pop-up caravan for your needs. By considering your needs and wants, it can make it easier to determine what types of features you’ll benefit from to ensure you settle on the best pick for your upcoming travel plans.

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