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Top 5 Tent Trailers of 2021

Top 5 Tent Trailers of 2021

Tent trailers are easy to tow and can allow you to have a place to rest your head while taking different trips throughout the country. They’re easy to set up and don’t require a heavy-duty truck to haul while getting around because of their lightweight design. If you’re looking for a reliable tent trailer, there are a few top picks of 2021 to consider.

1. Forest RV River Flagstaff Tent Campers

Not only is the Forest RV River Flagstaff Tent Campers attractive, but it also comes with an affordable price tag. The tent trailer features earth and gray tones to create a beautiful interior color palette. It comes with the same types of features and amenities you’ll find in a standard camper. You can have access to a toilet and shower with a trailer that manages to be lightweight and easy to tow. It even features faux wood flooring and faux leather upholstery on the seats.

This tent trailer sleeps two to four people and even includes a steel air conditioner reinforcing laminated into the roof to ensure you stay cool in hot and humid weather conditions.

You can take advantage of a fully enclosed living area and enjoy the tinted skylight, which features a sunshade.

2. Aliner Somerset

This RV comes with an inside stove in the kitchen area with a three-way refrigerator and has stereo speakers on the inside and outside of the tent. You can get plenty of use out of the 16,000 BTU Furnace to ensure you stay warm on cold nights. The floorplan is also designed well and makes it easy to get around the spacious interior setting.

Due to the large size of this tent trailer, it can sleep up to five people. It also comes with a 35 amp converter with a charger. Dozens of standard amenities also offer the freedom to perform more functions and avoid feeling limited when you’re spending time in nature.

3. Aliner Hard-Side

The Aliner Hard-Side has a tear-drop shape and is available in three different sizes. It’s ideal for those who don’t need a lot of space. It comes with a fan and has one outlet for plugging in your electronics. The trailer tent also features a city water hookup to use once you reach the campsite.

It’s 18 feet long and is about 2,000 pounds, depending on the options. It can comfortably sleep four people and is five feet tall when it’s folded down. It tows easily and is convenient to store in your garage when you’re not on an outdoor adventure.

4. Coachmen Clipper Express

The Coachmen Clipper Express is not only easy to set up, but it’s also easy to store when it’s not in use. It features aerodynamic styling to make it easy to tow and is also lightweight. It comes with 12-inch tires and has a compact floor plan to accommodate one to two people.

It comes with large off-road tires with a convenient roof rack on top for storing your sporting equipment and luggage. The trailer is built with electric brakes and features a standard outside grille for barbecuing. On warm days, you can get use out of the 5,000 BTU air conditioner. A 20,000 BTU furnace is also available to keep the chill away when the temperatures drop outdoors. Inside, a 1.7 cube refrigerator is offered for keeping your foods and beverages chilled.

5. Sylvan Sport GO

The Sylvan Sport GO is one of the most versatile tent trailers of 2021 and has a stylish exterior. The product has many different functions and includes a roof rack where you can store a canoe and bike. It’s ideal to use in three different modes and offers plenty of headroom to void hunching over to get around inside. It even comes with an awning that is easy to set up and will provide you with a spot to set up chairs and eat.

Consumers also like its lightweight design, as it only weighs 840 pounds and doesn’t require a heavy-duty vehicle to tow around, especially on steep inclines. It also features powder coating on the parts and sleeps up to four people.

Once you find the best tent trailer for your needs, you can have more freedom to take trips and enjoy traveling without having to book a room in a hotel or cabin. The durable construction of each tent trailer will offer peace of mind as you spend time outdoors each season.

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