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Truck Campers vs. Trailers: Pros and Cons

Truck Campers vs. Trailers: Pros and Cons

There are many types of campers out there. Some of the most popular options are truck campers and travel trailers. The only thing left to do is to figure out which one of these is right for you, which is why you’re here. The following information will help you figure out the pros and cons of each.

Travel Trailers

Since these trailers can be a little more affordable than truck campers, you could get more for your buck. Things get even better if you decide to purchase a used travel trailer, which is a big deal for those traveling with a large party.

You will also get more space because trailers offer more room. This means you don’t have to worry about sliding everything out like a bed. Everything will be set up and ready to go for you. You’ll get more headroom as well, which is usually limited in a truck camper.

If you have pets, the space will be quite helpful so that they can move around freely.

Travel trailers can be unhitched easily so that you can explore the rest of the area without lugging the thing around. This isn’t the case with truck campers. Removing the camper is a little harder and can be time consuming. You will likely need some help to remove it as well.

It will be much easier to sell a travel trailer than a truck camper. This happens because truck campers only fit certain makes. It may take longer to sell a truck camper because it limits potential buyers. It would probably be best to sell the truck and camper together so that you don’t delay a sale.

Truck Campers

There’s a lot of good here. For one, the truck camper can go more places than the trailer. The truck camper can handle off-road traveling better than the other option. If you’re more of an adventurer, then you should probably skip the trailer.

Truck campers are easier to maneuver than the trailer. This becomes incredibly important if you’re dealing with a tight space. If you’re going to be in the city, then that’s something you want to keep in mind.

Truck campers are easier to store since they’re smaller. Most of the time, you can fit a truck camper in a regular parking space. Trailers need to be stored in a place that’s legal to park. This could be a problem if you don’t have enough room on your property.

Insurance rates for truck RVs are pretty low, and there are usually no registration fees, especially if you’re in a state that classifies the camper as a camper rather than a regular RV.

Driving is a little easier with this option. You don’t have to haul a big trailer in the back of your vehicle. You’re not looking at the trailer sway as you’re driving, which can be a little scary, especially for folks who aren’t used to hauling something like this. For people who’ve never driven a big vehicle, the truck camper makes more sense and is less stressful to travel with.

The truck RV is also pretty versatile. Even if it looks small when you see it, it comes with a number of slide outs if you want them. You can customize your camper for solo camping, or you can change things to accommodate a bigger group.

You can create more room for your family when you go out camping with them. Since you can pull out beds and other things, the truck camper can give your family enough living space and a decent-sized kitchen and restroom. The trailer’s size doesn’t change, so the rooms and amenities are usually as they are.

If you were having trouble figuring out which one of these campers would work best for you, you should have a better idea now. If you still can’t figure it out, see if your friends have one of these campers. Find out if you can borrow them to test them out or go rent one. Spend a week or weekend with these to get a feel for them so that you can choose.

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